KL Mullens

klmullens_jpgKL Mullens’ love affair with all things written began with the nursery rhymes on her bedroom wallpaper. Once she learned there was a book full of them, that love blossomed into a serious crush. When she discovered the book was written by a writer, well, then it was settled. She was hooked for life.

The love of reading naturally progressed into a love of writing. Once she devoured the library at home, to get her fix ,she read medicine bottles, cereal boxes, even gravestones (in case you’re wondering there were a few early American graveyards near her home from the 18th century–fascinating).

One of her earliest memories is of her father’s study. He had stacks and stacks of books that didn’t fit on the shelves, several of which were in many languages. KL would imagine she could read those as well, of course pictures helped!

She wrote her first serial when she was eight years old. It kept her busy during summer break. In her sixth grade English class she got caught writing when she should have been paying attention. Her punishment was to read what she wrote in front of the entire class. It was a saga about two crazy girls stalking the Jackson Five. That story became such a hit she had to continue writing it for the rest of the year!

KL penned her first novel after college, shoved it in the closet and pursued more practical pursuits. But the writer in her would not let go. She continued to write and dabbled in playwriting, screenwriting, and short stories.

After achieving most of the things she set out to do and some things she hadn’t, she always came back to writing. It just hadn’t been something she felt she could do seriously. But a time comes in everyone’s life when you wonder why not, what if, and then you just do it.

You can learn what KL is doing now at TBD. She writes romance, science fiction, horror, mystery with a little kid lit on the side (you didn’t think she forgot about the nursery rhymes did you?)


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